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B.A. Painter leased the Paynter-Layman Store to open a grocery store
The Paynter-Layman Store was destroyed in a town fire
Painter's Market was built and reopened in its present location
The store name was changed to
Thriftway Foods
The store rebranded as
Troutville Grocery & Goods

Our History

Thriftway originally opened in the town of Troutville in 1935 by Bland A. Painter as Painter's Market and was Troutville's very own grocery and general store. The name of this and several other family-owned stores were later changed to Thriftway Foods and the Troutville store was run for over half a century by Bland. A. Painter, Jr.  


Page Painter Weddle began working full-time in the store alongside her father in 1978, and began to manage the store on her own after her father passed away. Page’s daughter, Megan Weddle, helps her run the business and sells beautiful photography and handmade goods in the store. Megan makes the fourth generation to support this business and the Troutville community.

Our history begins in 1935, when our Grandfather, B. A. Painter, Sr. came to Troutville and leased a building to open up a grocery store. This building was the Paynter-Layman Store owned by Mr. G. A. Moomaw (think: Moomaw Lane in Troutville). Around the same time, Mr. Painter purchased a plot of land on the south side of Stoney Battery Road on the east corner of Route 11. 

In 1941, a devastating fire ravaged downtown Troutville and destroyed many of its storefronts to include the the Paynter-Layman store. Fortunately, Mr. Painter had insurance on his store merchandise and made arrangements with the recently rebuilt Masonic Lodge to temporarily setup shop within their location. He also began building a new store on our property.

In 1942, the new Painter's Market was completed and reopened to serve the Town of Troutville. The storefront built in 1942 is the same building we have occupied for the past 70+ years! 


B. A. Painter sold the business to his son, Bland A. Painter, Jr. in 1950. He continued to work in the business for many more years and he passed away in 1969. 


In 1966, Bland A. Painter Jr. joined with a partner and opened a store in the Hollins area at the corner of Williamson Road and Plantation Road. This was the first store to operate under the Thriftway name. Bland A. Painter, III became involved in the business and a third store was opened on Grandin Road in Roanoke in 1974, followed by a store in Radford in 1975. Those three stores were later sold. 


Page Painter Weddle began working in the stores during high school and college and joined full-time in 1978. She managed the store with her father until he passed away in 2008, and now owns and operates the store with her daughter, Megan Weddle. 


Three longtime Thriftway associates, Margaret Hatcher, Jim Shockley and Jack Boardwine, worked for many many years in the store. Margaret's ever present small and thank you have been a part of Thriftway for over 40 years, while Jim and Jack devoted many years to what we believe is the finest custom meat department in the area. 

In 2016, Page began the process to update and evolve Thiftway Foods into the "Troutville Grocery & Goods" following in her father and grandfather's footsteps of evolving the store as time passed and community needs changed.  The Town of Troutville and many members of the community took part in fundraisers and the efforts to modernize the store. 

Today, we continue to serve the Troutville area and we strive to maintain the qualities to B. A. Painter established when he came here in 1935. As always, we say thank you for shopping at Thriftway... now, Troutville Grocery & Goods. 

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